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15 Ridiculously Unique Ideas for Bookends

15 Ridiculously Unique Ideas for Bookends

Xinyi Li |

A book collection is one of those rare things that you can just keep on expanding, as long as you have the shelving for it! If you have open shelves, not only is using a couple of bookends a great way to keep your books in place, but it also gives you some new accessory ideas to incorporate into your decor. Here are just a few very unique and unusual bookend styles that might inspire you.

Industrial Strength

If you’re a fan of the industrial  then there may be no better use for pipes, Edison bulbs, and other old machine parts than to hold your books together. 

Tales from Mother Nature

You might be surprised to discover just how many things there are right outside your door that you may be able to use as bookends. A simple tree trunk, split it in half, and put some books between them for a simple, rustic look is one of them.

Geometric Concrete

For a very modern look, you can use pieces that add some shapely flair to your book collection. eHow has a great DIY tutorial on how to make your own geometric boulder bookend out of quick-drying concrete.