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The Benefits of Using a Memo Pad

The Benefits of Using a Memo Pad

Xinyi Li |

In our digital world, taking physical notes seems as ancient as using a rock and chisel. Since most of our work is done on computers, our notes are already there too. So why would anyone recommend busting out the old pad and pen on the way to your next meeting?

Increased Focus

When taking notes on paper, you tend to be more present in the meeting, jotting down the most important ideas. This allows you to really listen and be a more active participant.

Critical Thinking

Many of us can type as fast as we talk (or as fast as others talk). Because of this, taking notes by computer often turns into transcribing. Rather than processing the information, we take it all down, word for word.

However, if you’re taking notes with pen and paper, you can’t possibly capture every word. To take good notes, you need to think critically about what information will be beneficial to refer back to later.

Memory Recall

A physical connection to your notes helps with information recall. You’ll be able to more easily remember the ideas you decided were important enough to write down while in that team meeting. Having more focus and critical thinking while note taking will help you retain information.

Boost creativity

How many of you are “doodlers?” It turns out doodling doesn’t necessarily distract you from listening—it can often help your mind go to a place where it can better digest and process information. Physically taking notes, and giving your mind space to make physical connections will boost your creativity and retention.